PBY Catalina 1/8 Plans

4191735463_d778c660bcThe Catalina is drawn in the scale 1/8th and is drawn onto
5 sheets of paper.
A lot of time went into the drawings along with study of the full size airplane.

Model Specifications
Wingspan: 396.5cm (13ft)
Length: 243.5cm (8ft
Height: 78.0cm (30 ¾”)
Weight: 22kg
Engines: 2x 26cc or DLE-20RA
Props: 16×8″ 3-blade

The price for one set of PBY plans is 95 USD.
Shipping and handling is 33 USD within Europe and 38 USD outside of Europe, Australia is 47 USD.

Main landing gear $995
Cowls $90 (Pair)
Gun Blisters $65 (Pair)
Aerovate/RCG 26cc engine Pitts Muffler $166 (Pair)

Please note that Nose and Landing Gear do not include the following:
Robart Medium Deluxe Air Control Kit

Nose Landing Gear : 5/8″ X 2 1/8″ Stoke Cylinder

Dubro Treaded Lite Wheel 6″ (2)

Sullivan SkyLite Wheel 4″ (1)

If you are interested in purchasing drawings or accessories please contact me by e-mail: sturlasnorrason@gmail.com
Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.

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