PBY Catalina 1/8 Plans

4191735463_d778c660bcThe Catalina is drawn in the scale 1/8th and is drawn onto
5 sheets of paper.
A lot of time went into the drawings along with study of the full size airplane.

Model Specifications
Wingspan: 396.5cm (13ft)
Length: 243.5cm (8ft
Height: 78.0cm (30 ¾”)
Weight: 22kg
Engines: 2x 26cc
Props: Graupner 16×8″ 3-blade
Gas tanks: 2x 24oz

The price for one set of PBY plans is 95 USD.
Shipping and handling is 15 USD within Europe and 22 USD outside of Europe.

Main landing gear $995
Cowls $90 (Pair)
Gun Blisters $65 (Pair)

Please note that Nose and Landing Gear do not include the following:
Robart Medium Deluxe Air Control Kit

Nose Landing Gear : 5/8″ X 2 1/8″ Stoke Cylinder

Dubro Treaded Lite Wheel 6″ (2)

Sullivan SkyLite Wheel 4″ (1)

If you are interested in purchasing drawings or accessories please contact me by e-mail: sturlasnorrason@gmail.com
Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.

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